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Aim Consultants offer a outstanding service & work directly with our clients to ensure that projects are delivered to the extreme standard, on time and on budget.

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Aim Consultants has continually focused on maintaining customer relations and building on our philosophy of working together with our clients to produce a competitive and effective package delivery, with a high quality approach.Our project diversity and commitment to quality has allowed us to exceed client needs and expectations.

Our History

AIM Consultants Ltd is a privately owned Nigeria company, which was established in Lagos, Nigeria in 1979, and has since grown to become one of the leading multi-disciplinary consultancy, not only in the Country but also in the Continent. AIM is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission with Certificate of Incorporation R.C. 30821 and NIS ISO 9001: 2008 (Certificate No. 0000475). AIM is the major Nigerian Consultancy that exports services to the sub-region. AIM's work force is over 220 colleagues.

AIM and it's sister AIM companies are registered with ARCON (Architects), COREN (Engineers), QSRBN (Quantity Surveyors), TOPREC and ATOPCON (Town Planners) and have been involved with major projects on the international scene for over thirty-eight years.

In an era of fast diminishing and scarce resources, there is now more uncertainty than ever before in the development of large-scale projects. Only with careful planning, efficient design and highly skilled project management can the uncertainties be kept to a minimum and attainment of stringent budgetary controls and critical-path time schedules. AIM is dedicated to providing services which exceed the clients' expectations and completely satisfy the clients' contractual requirements. The commitment to setting and achieving quality in all respects is the total responsibility of everyone.

AIM designs buildings in accordance with LEED requirements as per client's requests to develop the components of the building in order to ensure certification. We provide Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture, Civil/Structural Engineering, Highways/Bridge Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, IT Engineering, Dam Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Dredging & Marine Engineering, Transportation Engineering (Airports, Highways/Roads), Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering, Oil & Gas Facilities, Quantity Surveying & BEME, Land Surveying and Geotechnics.

AIM was created to answer the needs of international clients that demand the highest levels of skills and experience that are available and provide the complete range of capabilities to mplan, program, design and implement successful projects.

There is a complete awareness of the poor considerations for cultural values and the social impacts of developments as the result of the international experience of the AIM Team. AIM also places high priority on the sensitivity of design to climate, natural environment, sustainability and stakeholders participation.